Would you like the Freedom that a properly managed cashflow provides?

Do you want to grow your profits but don't know exactely where to start?

Do you want to sell your business within the next 3 years and want to maximise its sale value?

Would you like to achieve the Freedom that a more satisfactory work / life balance can bring?

Are you constantly putting out 'fires' and frustrated that you end up working IN the business and not ON the business?

Do you feel you are stuck in a hole and dont know how to get out? Best idea is to stop digging and we can help you with that.


I do a lot of networking in order to create relationships with small business that I would like to work with. I am always asked - What do you do?

My standard answer is that I create FREEDOM, which elicits the further question - What do you mean by that? I create FREEDOM by working with Owners and Managers of businesses, with between 5 and 25 employees and between $1M and $15M turnover. How do you do that I am asked.

For businesses that want to grow I free up their time so that they can work ON their business, not IN their businesses. Two extremely important synergies of this process are that VALUE is added to their business and at the same time a better WORK-LIFE balance is created.

For baby boomers wishing to retire, I position the business to be sale ready and at the same time maximise the sale value. A very similar proposition as growing a business but with subtle and important differences.

How do I create FREEDOM? Freedom is in the BAG if you take ACTION in three areas:

Be accountable - tick that the daily, weekly, and monthly goals have been achieved. 

Automate your business - create systems, policies, and procedures that become the set of instructions on how to run the business when you are not there.

Get out of the 'me' mentality - delegate to your employees so they become more engaged and share the workload.

My passion is helping people. I enjoy sharing my experience, ideas, knowledge, and insights. I believe passionately in the small business model and it frustrates me that too many small business Owners and Managers get trapped in that hole that is working IN the business and not ON the business.

I need some in-depth research data for a book that I am writing on the small business model that I care so passionately about. If you allow me to use your business data anonymously and confidentially I will conduct a business makeover and share the results of that with you free of charge or obligation.

My name is Jonathan Lucas, and I spent 30 odd years dealing with all the challanges and issues that one encounters as an owner of a couple of successful small bussinesses.

The lessons I learnt are still relavant today, and in addition, I have a Diploma of Accounting and a Graduate Certificate in Management.

I know just how frustrating it can be to be too busy or too distracted to not be able to work on the business and simply end up working in the business.

I can empathise with you, I have walked in your shoes.

That is why I know we can provide solutions to your frustrations. I can apply a blend of all important practical experience, theory and time saving systems to provide practical, workable solutions to get you working on the business so that you end up with a profitable, healthy and thriving business - a High Performance Business. One that can run without you allowing you to gain back your freedom.

If I cannot effect positive change to your business in under 90 days I will refund you my fees.


My philosophy is that to survive long-term every business needs a competitive advantage, a point of difference, uniqueness. What is known as a Customer Value Proposition. I believe that stategy formulated around your competitive advantage and sucessfully implemented in line with the business's Vision and Mission statements is vitally important to a business as it will add value to that business, help drive its competitiveness and contribute to its' long-term sustainability.

I believe in keeping it simple and I belive in working smarter not harder. I believe that the best way to help small business is to form long term relationships with our clients. The vision at BizToolz Solutions is to be the go to National Business Advisory most admired for sharing our sound Advice, Knowledge, Systems, Programs and our ability to create freedom for, and add value to, the small businesses we work with.

With that said I would like to invite you to read on further as I layout what I see are some of the problems that hold small business owners and managers back from creating a High Performance Business, a solution we can offer that has been successfully used by hundreds of businesses around the world and share some of the outcomes that can be realistically achieved.

Common Small Business Problems

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The Solutions

When you want to take the next step we can offer the Your Business Success Program

Outcomes of our Success Programs

Business Adviser, Business Coach, Business Consultant - what is the difference?

In this Industry we often hear debate about the differences between a Business Adviser, a Business Coach or a Business Consultant. In our opinion there is little difference between adviser, coach or consultant. With the aide of the Oxford Dictionary online at www.en.oxforddictionaries.com we wish to make our case.

Coach - verb is defined as: Give [someone] professional advice on how to attain their goals. We think it reasonable that Coach as a noun could be defined as: A person that gives professional advice to [someone] on how to attain their goals.   Adviser as a noun is defined as: A person who gives advice in a particular field. Consultant as a noun is defined as: A person who provides expert advice professionally.

We think you will agree that there is little difference between the three definitions and in reality a professional working in this field will be all three at various times during an engagement with a client. More importantly is the value that can be gained from engaging a Business Adviser or Business Coach or Business Consultant to help with your business.

For instance an elite athlete that does not have a coach is not going to achieve at the highest levels of their chosen sport. I would like to think that I practice what I preach. When I visit my doctor I think of him as my medical advisor. My medical advisor advised me to go to the gym and do muscle building type exercises to lose weight and get my Diabetes type II under better control. I knew I would not stick with going to the gym three days a week so I work with a Personal Trainer who I think of as my health coach. I am always looking for the most up to date information on marketing for myself and to help my clients so I have a marketing consultant who helps me with that. The same applies in Business. Nobody, even the best MBA or the most experienced business owner can have all the solutions for each and every problem. When I am stuck with a problem that I need help with I can turn to my Advisory Board for help.

Large corporations can afford to hire specialist managers to advise their Board of Directors hence the titles of CEO,CFO, COO, CPO and CMO.

The best a small business can do to match this, is to engage a Business Adviser, Business Coach or Business Consultant. We invite you to watch the video in the next section to learn how we can help your business.


Why engage a Business Adviser, Business Coach, Business Consultant?

Feel free to call 0419 002 742 today so our Senior Adviser Jonathan Lucas can visit you for an obligation free chat.

If I cannot effect positive change to your business in under 90 days I will refund you my fees.

Nothing to lose ..... everything to gain.

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